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Einstuerzende Neubauten: We’re punk in a Frank Sinatra way

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Asta a fost una din concluziile la care a ajuns Alexander Hacke, unul din membrii fondatori ai EN, intr-un interviu telefonic pe care i l-am luat in 2004. Pe-atunci ma ocupam de PR-ul in .ro al label-ului Mute Records (EMI), casa de discuri, pe atunci, a celor de la Neubauten.

Am lasat totul in engleza, asa cum a fost transcris, cu dragoste perpetuum nobila pentru Angie Reed, de Andra Matzal. Old school, de pe caseta audio.

Dialogul cu Hacke arata cam asa:

Are you Alexander?


This interview is like a dream for me, it’s impossible to tell you how glad I am, so I’ll just start with the questions. Do you consider youselves some kind of tribe? Meaning that you interact virtually with your fans and allow them to interact with your work, to modify your musical vision?

It’s not modifying our musical vision, but a couple of years ago the supporters could listen to the tapes that we made, and, from time to time, they would interact from a creative point of view. For instance, we would show them the tapes and they would decide what they would like to keep. So it happened that we would work all day on a piece and at the end of the day we decided to throw different parts away, but then there were hundreds of people shouting ”No, no, keep it!”(laughing) and that was fantastic.

For me, it seems a sort of an on the road-like style of writing music.

It’s at least the illusion of democracy (laughs).

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