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NEW Nava Spatiala split remix album

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Nava Spatiala and Secrets Of the 45 - NSSOT45 cover_web


This is a joint remix album by Polish project Secrets Of the 45 and Romanian noise/drone/ambient unit Nava Spatiala. Each project received three tracks of the other project and remixed them, using primarily only the track itself as basis for the remix. The resulting album is an exhilarating trip through glitchy landscapes, blurry drones, rumbling basslines, electronic chirps and whistles, enveloping the listener with alternating waves of noise and melodic hums, echoing in space, at the same time digital and organic. Each remix used deconstructed audible architectures taken from the original, in an approach of intersecting sounds in all possible ways ranging from infinite delays to granular synthesis.

Nava Spatiala enjoyed a lot playing around with SOT45 tracks and, at first, sampled what they liked. Then they took the parts and ran them through lots of delays, reverbs and various synthethic manipulaton techniques. Every track was performed and recorded live at the studio and compressed through some nice tubes.

Secrets of the 45 decided to take a melody-oriented approach, immersing himself in the noisy world of Nava Spatiala and then through careful filtering picking out hints of melodies, then layering them into humming and whistling soundscapes, as well as reshaping them live via granulator software.

Nava Spatiala’s latest remix

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The Space Between live @ Fratelli Espresso Bar

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Nava Spatiala – available on The Internet Archive

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The Space Between, now on Soundcloud

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Some fresh ambient/drone/noise soundscapes from my latest project, with Cinty Ionescu, “The Space Between”.

The Space Between Cinty Ionescu & Miron Ghiu

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LIVE DEBUT 12/10/12 @ 8pm @ Anexa Mnac

Nava Spatiala – First descent among crickets

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This is Nava Spatiala’s first video.