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The Space Between @ Fratelli Espresso Bar

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The Space Between - Afis Fratelli

teaser video:

The Space Between live @ Green Hours

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The Space Between Cinty Ionescu & Miron Ghiu

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LIVE DEBUT 12/10/12 @ 8pm @ Anexa Mnac

Paradisiac bestiary

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“Paradisiac bestiary” is exploring various realms of the biblical sin, focusing on totemic elements and also on the christian symbol of the apple as the main epic pretext for the escape from the garden of Eden. Reinterpreting the fall from paradise using pagan ritualistic masks, the four characters challenge their identities as they’re planning to be their own gods, apart from what christianity teaches us. In the rise/dawn of the “apocalypse” we certainly must preserve our humour and reinvent ourselves each time we encounter prophets and their prophecies. Each one of us is his own God: start building churches! The bestiary is within you!

Paradisiac Bestiary is a film by Cinty Ionescu
Director of Photography: Adrian Tudose
Editing: Cinty Ionescu
Sound Design: Miron Ghiu

Cabluri (studiu de caz)

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Cabluri/ Cables e dedicata, fetisist, cablurilor de pe stalpurile tarii, cu accent pe cele din Bucuresti si Constanta, documentate intensiv atat video cat si foto. cablurile ii inspira materialitatea abstracta a spatiului virtual si a comunicarii dintre noi care se vede, la suprafata, ca o colectie de mate rasucite baroc in jurul stalpilor care le (sus)tin. muzica porneste de la traducerea audio a fluxurilor video si a glitch-urilor suprapuse in montaj, care pot fi interpretate ca imperfectiuni ale sistemului binar prin care ajungem, in virtual, unii la altii.

More info, on the Biennal of Young Artists’s site.

Nava Spatiala – First descent among crickets

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This is Nava Spatiala’s first video.

Daniel Knorr – Block

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Almost live from Aukland, New Zealand, the land of all presents, Daniel Knorr showed me something I couldn’t help myself publishing as follows:

Block (2009)
Work in 3 parts in collaboration
with prisoners from New Zealand
cage with classical instruments, 350 cm x ø 400 cm
28 paintings and drawings of prisoners
video, 12 min.
Artspace, Auckland, New Zealand

The radio show is to be found here.

For more info and photos, browse this nice pdf.