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Nava Spatiala has a weekend full of performances

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First, we celebrate Art’s birthday on Friday.

Nava Spatiala is celebrating Art’s birthday with a live broadcast from the studios of the National Public Radio. Here are more details. The broadcast will be transmitted on the official site.

Second, we get inspired by Shuji Terayama.

This Sunday Nava Spatiala is playing along Shūji Terayama‘s avant-garde films. Terayama is one of the most legendary, provocative and productive artist in Japan and Nava Spatiala is an experimental noise/drone/ambient duo. If you’re in Bucharest, drop by.

Urme de distrugere pe Marte @ Odeon

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event de Facebook

pagina teatrului Odeon

The Space Between live @ Green Hours

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Paradisiac bestiary

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“Paradisiac bestiary” is exploring various realms of the biblical sin, focusing on totemic elements and also on the christian symbol of the apple as the main epic pretext for the escape from the garden of Eden. Reinterpreting the fall from paradise using pagan ritualistic masks, the four characters challenge their identities as they’re planning to be their own gods, apart from what christianity teaches us. In the rise/dawn of the “apocalypse” we certainly must preserve our humour and reinvent ourselves each time we encounter prophets and their prophecies. Each one of us is his own God: start building churches! The bestiary is within you!

Paradisiac Bestiary is a film by Cinty Ionescu
Director of Photography: Adrian Tudose
Editing: Cinty Ionescu
Sound Design: Miron Ghiu

Schimbarea la Fatada a Galeriei de Arta Contemporana Brukenthal, Soimii Satrei, 2010

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Soimii Satrei @ Brukenthal (~7 days painting, brought back to white by local political wars, romanian stuff)

Interviu cu El Sinboy, la PUNKS

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>>>ca de fiecare data, punkerii adevarati (in cuget si simtire) isi gasesc locul pe VeiozaArte. de data asta am vorbit cu Sinboy, iar rezultatul este aici<<<

Daniel Knorr – One of Our Most Beloved Punks

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punks – ep. 5 -Daniel Knorr : : Veioza Arte